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Sweets that remind you of family and home. Mama Laine discovered her love for baking by spending time making Christmas cookies with her daughters. Not only was Mama Laine’s house filled with remarkable aromas, but it was also filled with a bonding love between her and her daughters. Through the years, Mama Laine and her daughters have created a passion for baking cookies and decided to share that passion with others. Mama Laine initially bought her ingredients from major grocery stores, until she realized that local businesses can provide her basic needs.


Mama Laine’s experiments continued to grow and so did her need for a wide array of ingredients. Stores such as Rainbow, Lhasa Karnak and Chocolate Covered have further inspired Mama Laine’s cookie creations (and sweets). After years of encouragement from loved ones, Mama Laine decided to share her sweets with others.

When Mama Laine is not cooking for loved ones she is participating in fundraisers for Rocket Dog Rescue. RDR strives to save dogs that are homeless, abandoned, or in overcrowded animal shelters. Mama Laine believes very strongly in RDR’s cause and participates in fundraisers when possible. Mama Laine is dedicated to helping those in need and proud to help any cause.

Allow Mama Laine, and her sweets, to bring happiness into your home while you celebrating joyous occasions with your loved ones. Do not hesitate and order your sweets today!

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